The Journey Begins!

Actually, our journey started last summer when we first learned about America’s Great Loop from friends who were just embarking on their voyage. Since then, we spent months searching for and acquiring the right boat for us, weeks naming her, and a few weekends outfitting her for our first trip. Soon our new/old “R&R” will travel from her current home port on Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville, TN (near Nashville) to her new home port in Holland, MI. We engaged a delivery captain to help us navigate the Cumberland, Ohio, Mississippi, and Illinois rivers to Lake Michigan, a voyage with 8-10 travel days, 900+ miles, a couple handfuls of marinas and anchorages, 10 or so locks, and many new experiences! Because the very rainy Spring has raised river levels to major food, moderate flood, or just plan flood stage, we will need to watch for debris and exercise caution.

This really is not the start of our Great Loop adventure, but a partial backwards preview of the counterclockwise direction most “loopers” follow on this 6000+ mile adventure. We plan to start our loop next year from Holland and, many left turns later, return to Holland after circumnavigating the eastern half of the United States.

We welcome you to join this adventure as we learn about boating, navigation, locking, docking, anchoring out (maybe), and experiencing this part of the United States by water.

6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins!

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful first day Captain Rick, you’ll be an old pro in no time !

  2. Hi Rick and Rhonda, I hope you don’t mind, BST gave me your blog site. This looks amazing! Have a safe, fun trip and I look forward to following your adventure!!

  3. Just seeing this for the first time. Fred and I are impressed with your adventure!! Enjoy!

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