The Blues Brothers

Today we traveled 13 hours and 105 miles from Lake Peoria to near Joliet, Illinois. Reminded me of the Blues Brothers mantra, “We’re on a mission from God.”

Captain Danny Meadows ( who holds a 500 ton Coast Guard captain’s license) worked at Hatteras Yachts for many years and then operated his own marine electronics business before beginning his current career as a boat broker and delivery captain. I have appreciated his skills many times during our trip. This morning in the daily engine room check, Danny noticed that the main alternator cable had fallen off of the port (left) engine. Frayed at all the connector over the years, then finally broke. Probably a vintage 2003 cable. With a drill, hammer and a other implements of destruction, Danny repaired the cable and we were off less than an hour later

Each time we passed through locks today, the pool in the next river area was less flooded and we saw more wildlife including an eagle high in a tree

an otter swimming across the river, and (surprisingly) a phenomenal flock of white pelicans feeding on the Asian carp that have infested this river and jump wildly when boats pass.

We passed a handful of push boats and barges, and slowed down many times to avoid “waking” barges, town docks and other boats.

When we returned to the boat from dinner, a tow boat with a typical load of 15 barges was passing near our slip, using a high-power spotlight to illuminate the river ahead. These push-boats and barges move 24 hours a day. It was quite a sight.

24/7 barge tows

Looking forward to meeting Rhonda and friends at the Hammond Marina tomorrow afternoon, for the trip over Lake Michigan to Holland!