Grafton to Alton

This morning in Grafton, I washed R&R (again). Shocker? Some of our Looper friend told me that I will get over that. We shall see.

We decided to make the 15 mile trip from Grafton, IL to Alton, IL and reserved a slip for two days at the Alton Marina, which is on the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis.

As we entered the Mississippi, we immediately noticed that the strong river current boosted our speed by 4 -5 MPH. And we noticed how WIDE the muddy Mississippi River is. It felt more like a large lake.

We took it easy on the way to Alton, and arrived in less than an hour. We fueled topped off R&R’s 515 gallon diesel fuel tanks, because Alton is the last stop for diesel fuel until we transit 200 miles of the Mississippi River and 50 miles of the Ohio River. We don’t want to repeat our St. Louis low-fuel experience from May!

Meeting Alton dock neighbors and exchanging Looper boat cards

The Alton Marina is at the foot of the hill on which Alton is built. We crossed the levee, walked along Broadway, enjoyed a local festival, and headed back to the boat for an easy evening.

We plan to take the day off tomorrow, find a local church service, and hit the Mississippi River southbound early Monday morning.

Alton suspension bridge directly over the Marina