First anchorage, and on to Paducah!

After our long travel day yesterday, we anchored at the Humphrey’s Creek Anchorage near the shore of the Ohio River just south of the Olmsted Lock. This was our first overnight experience “on the hook” and it could not have been better! A cool evening, dinner in R&R’s cockpit (open rear area), and a magnificent sunset.

Our anchorage was outside of the main channel, between the shore and the red aids to navigation, protected from 24/7 river barge traffic.

At the suggestion of other Loopers, I had downloaded an anchor alarm app to warn us if our anchor dragged overnight.  I set the alarm and felt secure despite the current of the Ohio River .

Unfortunately, because I forgot to charge my my phone, its battery ran dead overnight, so the anchor alarm app was useless.  Fortunately, our anchor held firmly.

At 7:30 this morning the Olmstead lockmaster locked our group of three looper boats through with no wait (our first lock “lift” after many lock “drops” since Lake Michigan) and we headed slowly upriver to the Paducah Transient Boat Dock, a short 31 mile trip.

Paducah Transient Boat Dock

Rhonda, with Marilyn and Zeus

After lunch at a local restaurant with four other temporary residents of the transient dock, Rhonda toured the National Quilt Museum with a couple of other ladies, and I bicycled to a Kroger to re-provision.

8 thoughts on “First anchorage, and on to Paducah!

  1. Good Morning to both of you, is there a map available of where you are heading ? I feel like I am just on that boat with you. Have a great day today

    1. Thank you, Day. Rhonda has created a custom Google maps and showing all of the ports we have been to. We will try to revise that to show at least a few of our planned stops along the way.

    2. Good morning, Dave! I wanted to let you know that our website that includes the blog also has a page with an interactive map of the green loop, so you can see not only where we have been but where we plan to travel.

      Good Sunday to you!

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