Green Turtle Bay

On Thursday we had planned to leave Paducah, KY around 9:00 AM, but heavy rains delayed our launch until noon, when we and ten other boats headed up the Ohio River. Normally there are two routes from Paducah to Green Turtle Bay, our destination for the day. However, Kentucky Lock (near the end of the Tennessee River) was closed for repairs so we and many barges with following push-boats all took the Cumberland River route to the Barkley Lock. We and one other boat took the lead, but he was faster and got to the lock just in time to get a quick 50+ foot lift to Lake Barkley, while we got to the lock a few minutes later and waited 3 1/2 hours to get through.

As you might imagine, all of the “slow boats” we had passed on the way caught up with us as we waited. Hmmm…I haven’t learned yet. We and the other boats arrived at GTB at dusk. Nearby boaters took our lines and got us safely tied to the dock cleats.

R&R entering the Green Turtle Bay Marina

Green Turtle Bay is a well-maintained marina and condominium resort owned by the same family for generations. There are two good restaurants, a very nice spa, convenient and clean laundry facilities, and a well-stocked ship’s store. Many Great Loop travelers stay at GTB for a few days to rest after the run down the Mississippi. We are thankful for the R&R (knew that name would come in handy for describing more than just our boat’s name!) and plan to stay here for several more days.

Drone shot taken by our dock neighbor.

On Friday I washed the Mississippi mud off of the boat and Rhonda did laundry and cleaned and organized inside the boat. We used the free GTB shuttle service to re-provision (that’s boat-speak for grocery shopping) at the nearby market. We met old and new friends on the dock. We plan to join some of them this evening at a local theater for a Southern Gospel music concert, and tomorrow we plan to worship at a local Baptist church where tonight’s talent will provide special music.

Some followers have asked to see our trip on a map. Here is a map of our 750+ mile voyage so far. We will try to set this up as a separate page that will automatically update as we progress.

We continue to collect “boat cards” from others on the Great Loop. They help us remember names/faces/boats when we see the same boats (and their people and pets) days or weeks later. Here are some of the boat cards we have collected so far:

Here are the boat cards we are now using:

…but when we run out of cards, our next order probably will use this photo of R&R on the Mississippi River, passing the Gateway Arch in St. Louis:

Happy Sunday to all!

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  1. Good evening R&R,
    Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure. I look forward to your post. Cheers to your next journey!! Bon voyage
    Kelly Sexton

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