Emerging from the Fog

I love this image of R&R (the boat and the people) emerging from a fog bank on the Mississippi River. It was a tremendous relief to get through the dense fog and regain situational awareness.

Similarly, through new experiences, repetition, and training, Rhonda and I are starting to learn our duties as captain/first mate, communicate better when docking and locking, and build the “muscle memory” that will make each travel day easier and more enjoyable. Daily conversations with fellow boaters have taught us how (and how not) to tie a cleat hitch to a dock, the best knot to use for tying fenders to the rail (clove hitch), how to throw a line to a dockhand or helper (high and hard), where to stow lines when not being used (neatly coiled, near the place of use, secured to keep them away from propellers), and many more lessons. With only twelve travel days behind us we are just getting started, but we have begun to emerge from the rookie fog and are gaining daily experience, skills, and confidence in long-distance boating. We have a lot to learn, but have learned a lot!

(Photo credit to Cindy Scheer of Aquaman)