Pickwick Lake and Shiloh Battlefield

Rhonda and I were excited to have good friend Mary from Memphis join us on the boat for a couple of days on Pickwick Lake. It was very good to catch up.

Mary brought Memphis BBQ ribs with all the fixins. We enjoyed it so much we had it twice for dinner!

On a cool Tuesday, we toured the Civil War battlefield at Shiloh, Tennessee. This two day battle near Shiloh Church resulted in nearly 24,000 casualties and was a turning point in favor of the Union.

Rhonda got a National Parks Passport stamp during our visit to Shiloh.

Wednesday was clear and warm, so we cruised Pickwick Lake, a large and beautiful body of water created in the 1930s as part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Tennessee Valley Authority project to control flooding, improve water navigation, and provide economic development.

Tomorrow, after minor boat repairs in the morning, we hope to head down the Tennessee River to Florence, Alabama.