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Rhonda here….

Greetings from beautiful Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Alabama! We’re here with hundreds of folks at all stages of the Great Loop adventure….those who are dreaming and planning; those, like us, who are in progress; and those who have completed the Loop and earned the coveted “Gold Burgee”.

We proudly fly our white burgee, and while we’re here at the Rendezvous we’ll purchase our Gold so that when we cross our wake (get back to Holland) it will be at the ready!

Yesterday ALGCA sponsors and members collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Alabama to build 25 new bicycles for local children. These volunteers donated heart, time, energy, and resources for the benefit of this area that Loopers visit each year. A great way to give back!

Rick and I attended a Boating Safety Course taught by several local Coast Guard Auxiliary members. After seven hours, seven chapters of material and a 50 question exam, we earned a USCG Certificate of Accomplishment, which we hope might get us a better rate on our boat insurance. 🀞

Last night our friends Greg and Susan on “Lucky Me” hosted nearly 100 Loopers at a “Taste of the Loop” wine and bourbon party at the gazebo. We met great folks, renewed acquaintances with some we had crossed paths with along the rivers, and encouraged a few folks who are here to learn more about the Loop…one couple was from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Rick grew up!

As of today, we have completed 16 travel days, all on Midwest rivers (except for our day trip across Lake Michigan from Holland to Hammond). I’ve been asked….it is everything you thought it would be? And so far, I’d say it absolutely has been. Maybe some hotter and slower days than I had anticipated, but then my expectatations for the rivers were fairly low. Now that we are on the beautiful Tennessee River, I’m confident a very challenging (and sometimes boring) part of the Loop is behind us. Looking ahead with great anticipation to the next leg which will take us from Rogersville to Mobile, AL.

Today at our ALGCA meetings, we and dozens of our new best friends πŸ™‚ will be introduced as “Loopers in Progress”. Rick and I will have a minute or two to talk about our journey so far. I plan to share an entry dated October 13, 2018 (about one year ago today) from my “Jesus Calling” devotional that I also use as a journal of sorts….

….”We are exploring the Tennessee River on a boat with our new friends, Rich and Maggie Selo from Lafayette! They are cruising the Great Loop. Thinking we might want to do this as well someday?? 😊 …

For those who know us well, you know we rarely let grass grow on a great idea, and here we are. Thanks to you for joining us on the journey!

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  1. Hope you guys have a great time, hope our paths cross again soon!! Thanks for all your prayers!! They were felt!!!!

    1. So glad you two are having a good time! It’s so fun to follow along on your journey πŸ™‚ Miss you both

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