19 Boats in a Lock!

The caring, training (most sessions led by experienced Loopers), friendships, and fun of the 2019 ALGCA Rendezvous ended Thursday evening with an enjoyable awards dinner.

Early Friday morning a group of Looper boats headed East on the Tennessee River for a ten day side trip to Chattanooga, led by a local boater.

Later, our larger flotilla of nineteen boats headed West on the Tennessee River toward the Tennessee-Tombigbee waterway (more about the Tenn-Tom later) and will then head South toward Mobile. All of these boats shared the same lock chamber and rafted against each other in the Wheeler and Wilson locks. There were many boats in enclosed spaces, but we all made it through safely and well.

Curt’s Dream, on the left side of this group, was handmade by its owner/captain.

We returned to the Florence, AL marina this evening and plan to head further West to Aqua Yacht Harbor in Iuka, MS tomorrow, retracing the same route we followed when traveling to the ALGCA Rendezvous a few days ago.

One thought on “19 Boats in a Lock!

  1. Hi Rick and Rhonda, Tom and I have been following your blog.Your trip so far sounds wonderful and you are making so many good friends. Thanks for sharing. Tom and I are back in FLorida and enjoying the warm weather and taking lots of pictures. Don’t forget to let us know when you get here.There should be several couples from Sunrise that will want to see you and hear your adventures.

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