My Captain, my Hero

We are now eighteen travel days and just over 1100 miles into this adventure called America’s Great Loop. And what an exciting journey it has been!

Every day, Rick’s expertise at boat handling and dedication to this trip amaze me! He’s rocking the Captain role! As his first mate, you might be surprised to know that I am responsible for more than the galley and making reservations at marinas. Lines, fenders, knots, docking, locking through, navigation, lookout…are all mostly new skills I am learning as we go. And then there’s the vocabulary…stern and bow, spring line, cockpit, flybridge…and just to confuse things, port (left) and starboard (right) … who came up with that! I have enough trouble with left and right. Anyway, I’ve let him down many times already, but he remains patient and positive… just as he is on land. :-). I’m a blessed girl and enjoying this trip of a lifetime.

Well, except that I caught the flu at the Looper Rendezvous we just attended and have been under the weather the past three days. ☹️Captain Rick single-handed the boat today from Florence AL to Iuka MS, giving me some much-needed bed rest in our air-conditioned cabin. Another first for him and he did great! Hoping I’m on the mend and ready to assume my duties very soon.

Thanks for traveling along with us. Your comments and support are much appreciated.

6 thoughts on “My Captain, my Hero

  1. No sniffles and sniffles will keep you brave adventurous people from your next port! Have a great journey!

  2. So, it’s my first week on the USS Ranger (1,038 feet long, 83,000 ton aircraft carrier) and I’m assigned to Personnel, which I truly enjoyed. After we left Alameda, CA (our home port) and were heading for Hawaii, before going on to Japan, I was instructed to go to the Captain’s office to pick up the Starboard List. Took me a while to find that location. From there I was sent to the I & E Office (Information and Education) at the other end of the ship, and then to the Quartermaster’s office, before I realized that the Starboard List was not a piece of paper at all. When I returned to the Personnel Office, the boys had a good laugh and I was now indoctrinated/hazed. SMILE!
    Glad you are feeling better, Rhonda, and you keep a tight grip of the reigns, Rick!
    Love to you both, K&D

  3. Oh Rhonda….I will be praying for your quick healing!!! Don’t share with Rick!!!!

    Love reading your blog!!

    We are in Clifton Marina until probably Tuesday for some storms are forcasted.

    Hope we cross along our wonderful journey!!

    Mi Toi

  4. Hope you get to feeling better soon, Rhonda. Nice long sleeve sun protection shirt, Rick!

  5. Continuing to pray for both of you! I love reading your posts! Hope you feel better soon Rhonda!!

  6. Oh my friend! Can’t imagine not feeling well on the boat! We are at coles nursing induction 🙂

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