Captain’s Log 11/25/19

R&R (the boat): Bradenton, Florida through year-end.
R&R (the people): Indiana and Michigan through year-end.

R&R (the boat and the people) Great Loop voyage summary to date.

Distance Traveled: 2102 miles
Diesel Fuel: 2312 gallons
Travel Days: 33
Total Days: 76
Locks and Dams: 29
Smiles, Friends, Blessings: too many to count!

Here are a few photos taken by others and shared with us, of R&R locking through, docking, and resting at anchor:

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! May all of your drawbridges be open!

Anna Maria Island Bridge

4 thoughts on “Captain’s Log 11/25/19

  1. It’s been so much fun following you both on this amazing journey. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Happy Thanksgiving. Love you both

  2. I have really enjoyed reading/following you on your adventure on the Loop. So glad we crossed paths in Lafayette this summer @ the dry cleaner ! !

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