Goodland, Gators and Gallery

Two weeks ago we hosted Indiana friends Melvin and Lorraine (who now live in Florida) in Marco Island. Since it was a sunny day, we decided to drive East into the Big Cypress National Preserve to see the wildlife.

Along the way we stopped for lunch at The Little Bar in Goodland. Excellent fresh seafood and other entrees, with servers in pirate costumes for the town’s quirky annual Mullet Festival.

Mullet Festival

I was intrigued by this contraption at The Little Bar.

What is it? Does it meet code?

At Great Cypress we were greeted by MANY gators sunning themselves along the canal, and birds fishing on the banks.

Melvin is a photographer, so we revisited the Clyde Butcher Gallery and again were awed by Butcher’s black and white landscape photos.

A good visit with these friends!