(Un)Forced Family Fun in the Florida Keys

As our daughter-in-law Katy grew up, she recalls times of “Forced Family Fun” or “Triple F.” Though we did not require all hands on deck, Erika, John and Katy recently joined us on the boat for a few days of fun. They all have busy lives and careers in Michigan, so it was good for all of us to relax in the tropical weather of the Florida Keys. We had not seen them since Christmas, and truly enjoyed exploring these beautiful islands with family.

At Marlin Bay Marina, we swam at the pool, watched sunsets over the water, played Quixx and did jigsaw puzzles, fed the fish, and zoomed around in the new Dandy Dinghy. We played a round of golf at Key Colony, took a day trip to tour Key West, toured the Marathon Turtle Hospital, and John, Katy and Erika generously treated us to dinner at Keys Fisheries to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

John grilled Gouper and Mahi Mahi from this nearby fish market.
Erika and John @ Florida Keys Brewery
We toured Pigeon Key, early 1900s camp for Keys railroad builders.
We drove to Key West and toured this unique tropical city.
Key West’s Mallory Square at sunset
Key Colony Golf (note the golf club “bags”)
Katy serving fish dinner from the dinghy.
John helped me install new LED lighting on the flybridge.
The Turtle Hospital provides vet and rehab services for injured sea turtles.
Night dinghy ride with Erika

The kids are safely back in Michigan. We thoroughly enjoyed our days with them in the Keys, and we hope they join us again this Spring as we head north along the Eastern Seaboard. (Editor’s Note: the COVID pandemic delayed our voyage north by a year!)

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  1. Looks absolutely perfect!!!! Couldn’t be happier for all of you!!! Enjoy the next guests too;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your pics. So glad you could have that time together-a real treat for everyone.

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