Neutral is a Gear – We’re Using It

After moving R&R from Marco Island to a safer harbor in Fort Myers, we stayed at Legacy Harbour Marina a few days, catching up with fellow Loopers and completing a number of boat projects. Though we wish we were moving on to new destinations, we are resigned to being “in neutral” until late Fall.

Dinner in Fort Myers with fellow river cruisers Pat and Marcia
… and with our Tenn-Tom Cruise Coordinators Mike and Deb

Florida weather is quite warm now (90+ degrees daily with high humidity). We took a few days of “boat vacation” with Marilyn in Marco island, enjoying Marilyn‘s company (and the larger quarters). Rick completed some maintenance projects for Marilyn.

Beautiful Marco River view from Marilyn’s

We are now traveling, planning to spend a few days in Indiana doing non-remote work and catching up with friends, and then heading to Michigan. Break out the facemasks and hand sanitizer!