On The BOAT Again!

Earlier this week we drove to Fort Myers in a fully-loaded SUV with two e-bikes hanging off the back.

Along the way checked out Russell Cave National Monument in Alabama and Rhonda added that stamp to her NPS Passport book.

When we arrived at Legacy Harbor Marina, it was good to catch up with boat-neighbor friends Dave and Michelle, who since June have kept an eye on our boat from “Just Us”, their 53 Viking in the next slip.

The next day a pair of experienced boat washers gave R&R a good cleaning and a boat diver buffed her bottom to remove algae and prevent barnacles from taking hold. In Florida’s very warm temperatures, these maintenance chores must be completed at least monthly, along with regular cleaning of the raw water strainer that filters the sea water our marine AC systems use to transfer heat.

We are enjoying the company of other B Dock boaters at Legacy Harbor Marina, in socially-distanced outdoor gatherings and daily interactions on the dock. It has been good to catch up with Loopers we met last year and meet others who just bought a boat and are planning to “do the Loop” next year.

Yesterday, after a magnificent sunset we joined dock neighbors and about fifty other cyclists in a twelve mile after-dark bicycle ride organized by Critical Mass SW Florida. We really enjoyed the camaraderie with avid local cyclists who gather weekly for these “take over the streets” rides through beautiful SWF neighborhoods. Many of their traditional and recumbent bikes were lit up like Christmas trees!

We are watching Tropical Depression Eta, which has moved from Central America toward Cuba and may pass near South Florida in the next few days. Our marina has warned us to prepare our boat for tropical storm winds.


3 thoughts on “On The BOAT Again!

  1. Comments? What could I..what should I…what can I…say, except “good for both of you!” Hopefully, this incoming storm will be the last you may encounter, and then it will be “On The Road Again…” Well, on the water again!
    Love to you both, and please keep us posted. We love it; and who knows? Maybe we’ll even find you somewhere!

  2. Fantastic!! So glad you’re back at the boat. Can hardly wait to read more about your adventures!

  3. Beautiful sunset! I love reading about your adventures – stay safe and God bless!

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