It’s Official, says Captain Rick

Though I am hesitant to “toot my own horn”, after months of online classes, a Coast Guard examination in August, and a detailed application and documentation process with the Coast Guard, I am happy to have received my Merchant Mariner Credential a/k/a Coast Guard Captain license.

Could not have done it without the support and encouragement of my First Mate.

Onward and Upward!

21 thoughts on “It’s Official, says Captain Rick

  1. Oh Captain, My Captain – of both land and sea! CONGRATULATIONS!
    But, ya couldna / wouldnna dun it without her! That really is outstanding!
    And have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Blessings!
    Ken and Denise

  2. Congrats, Rick! It’s been fun to see glimpses of all you’ve learned along the way, and it’s so nice to have that recognized. Happy sailing (and winter in Florida)! ~ Susan

  3. Congratulations on earning your Merchant Mariner Credential.
    I enjoy voyaging with you. Great people and great photos.
    Keep them coming.
    Kevin Bowditch

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