Circumnavigating Key West

Today was a lovely, warm and calm day in Key West.

Morning coffee view from R&R’s cockpit

One pleasure of being in one place for a month is learning about the town, seeing what’s to see, checking out the local haunts. A dinghy is an excellent way to do that. It’s like a combination of a motorcycle ride and a runabout cruise, with the wind in your hair and the sun warming you as you see the sights.

Offshore of Key West with Lorraine

Today we used R&R’s electric crane/davit to drop Dinghy #3 from the boat deck.

Dropping Dinghy #3
…on the way down

We and Lorraine joined friends Scott and Cathy on their dinghy to have an outdoor lunch at nearby Stock Rock Cafe.

We then circumnavigated Key West by dinghy. We passed hundreds of boats on mooring balls in Garrison Bight and saw mega yachts in the Galleon Marina.

We passed and checked out beaches, military installations, and America’s Southernmost Point.

A good day!

2 thoughts on “Circumnavigating Key West

  1. An absolutely beautiful day! And I’ve been living “memories” – going through my dad’s, and all of my, slides.
    Brought lots of smiles, and wishes I could go back – like slalom skiing the blue Pacific near Long Beach, hiking Half
    Dome in Yosemite, and seeing my three grow up! But…life goes on, and we’re doing fine – it’s another sunny day.
    Love to you both,
    KB & DB

    1. Ken, good to hear from you! I too took time earlier in our Covid experience to review and organize photos from a few decades. Enjoyed it a lot, and now have them easily available on my phone!

      All the best to you and Denise!

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