Dallying in Daytona

The last couple of days have been cool and rainy in Daytona Beach, with high winds.

Windy said “no go”

Rather than traveling in this sloppy weather, we stayed in our slip at Halifax Harbour for a few days and waited for the weather to go by.

This cat’s name is Daytona

I researched and found a way for Rhonda and I to share grouped contact information about our Looper friends on our iPhones and iPad (create a new Apple ID, use it only for contacts, add that new Apple ID to all of our devices, viewing only contacts). We then started entering contact info from hundreds of “boat cards” so we can remember where we met our boating friends and keep in touch with them.

There’s been plenty of time to catch up on routine boat maintenance (fill water tanks, pump out waste tanks, flush gray water tank, wash boat, etc.)

We dropped the dinghy for a ride around the marina and tried to go into the ICW, but whitecaps on the waterway convinced us to head back to smooth water in the marina.

Chart House Channel

I explored a bit more in the dinghy and got splashed with cold salt water on the ICW, so again returned to base and hoisted the dink onto its cradles.

We enjoyed a cool walk to the nearby Chart House restaurant for Happy Hour appetizers, and watched the first episodes of a new-to-us TV series, Dr. Thorne.

We and R&R are rested and ready for a 55 mile run to St. Augustine tomorrow!