Launching More Loopers

Before leaving for worship this glorious sunny Easter morning in Jacksonville, we joined the send-off party for First Light, with Captain and crew Mark and Barbara, as she left her slip on Day One of her Great Loop!

We and Mike, Marilou and Sinbad from Inshallah joined the Bon Voyage
Sinbad wanted treats!
Auf Wiedershen!
First Light heading down the Ortega River

It reminded us of our departure from Holland Michigan in September 2019. Nervous uncertainty, combined with excitement about the adventure!

Our dock neighbors Mike and Marilou on Inshallah are “Gold Loopers” having finished their loop about a year ago. We and R&R are more than halfway through our 6000+ mile voyage. These new friends on First Light are just starting. The six of us shared fresh seafood and refreshments aboard Inshallah last evening. The veterans and veterans-to-be shared their experiences over a friendly meal. We all learned from each other. A great community!