Jekyll Island

Hi, Rhonda here! After two very enjoyable days at Jekyll Island, we’re heading to Savannah today….running outside in the Atlantic for about 90 miles. The captain chose this route because the water is not as skinny (shallow) as the AICW, and we’re just going from Point A to Point B, so why not get there!

Dolphins played in our wake today!

But a bit about Jekyll. What a pleasant surprise this little island was! The seven mile long island is quaint, offers sandy Atlantic beaches, modern resorts, some small stores and restaurants, and has a rich (literally) history.

Jekyll Island Clubhouse

In 1888 The Jekyll Island Club, organized by Northeast banking and business families including Morgan, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and Goodyear, completed an ornate clubhouse for its members. The Jekyll Island historic district includes the clubhouse (now a beautiful hotel) and many large “cottages” that club members used as seasonal homes.

Our small but very adequate marina offered courtesy golf carts, so we snagged one for a 90 minute highlight tour of the Island. It was a beautiful morning…lots of sun and a light breeze. Even though we are still in Spring Break season, there were very few spots that seemed crowded.

R&R parked on the dock wall at JI Marina alongside of the AICW

Our drive took us past century old homes of the rich and famous, all in beautiful settings surrounded by live oaks full of Spanish moss. We passed beaches, a few newer hotels, campground, soccer fields and lots of natural beauty. We agreed that a trip back here with bicycles would be great fun since the path is flat and well maintained.

Faith Chapel, donated by a club member

Every few days laundry rears its ugly head, so we took advantage of the facilities at the marina to catch up on a few chores. We enjoyed an early dinner at Zachary’s Riverhouse at the marina and saw a beautiful sunset.

So long, Jekyll. It was nice to meet you. We hope to return soon!