Sophisticated Savannah

Our looper friends Jim and Marilyn from Spinning Dreams are staying at the Hinckley Marina just down the ICW from us near Savannah. They borrowed their marina’s nearly new loaner car and picked us up for a drive into downtown Savannah for a tour of this historic city built around 22 public squares.

Each of the squares has a lovely park, a statue or monument, and a church.

Savannah was the endpoint of General Sherman‘s Civil War “March to the Sea” scorched-earth campaign that began with the burning of the captured city of Atlanta and moved southeast toward Savannah. Savannah’s historic buildings were saved from destruction when Confederate troops fled the city.

Every public square in historic downtown Savannah has beautiful mansions, many originally built in the 1700s and 1800s and carefully restored.

The downtown streets have historic charm, with live oak archways over brick pavement, and beautiful architecture.

The Second African Baptist Church we passed is famous for two significant events: First, General William Tecumseh Sherman read the Emancipation Proclamation to Savannah citizens at this church after taking the city in 1864. And second, nearly 100 years later Dr. Martin Luther King Junior delivered an early version of his “I have a Dream” sermon here before proclaiming it during the 1963 march on Washington.

Second African Baptist Church

Savannah seems to be a foodie paradise. The historic downtown area boasts restaurants of all kinds, and reservations are hard to come by in this busy city.

Market area with many restaurants
The Olde Pink House
Paula Deene’s
Treylor Park (great sign!)
Art Deco former Greyhound station,
now The Grey Restaurant
Pounce Cat Cafe
Leopold’s Ice Cream, since 1919
Jim and Marilyn

We shared a good Italian dinner with the Antonacci’s, then returned to our peaceful marina along the waterway in nearby Thunderbolt, Georgia.

Thunderbolt dock at daybreak

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  1. FYI- Forrest Gump was filmed in one of those lovely squares. (In case you were wondering).

  2. I am in the middle of an oil painting of the fountain in Forsythe Park there. So beautiful!

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