E-Bikes: Where have you been all my life?

Yesterday our helpful Windmill Harbor Marina staffer drove us into town, where we rented very solid e-bikes and biked many miles around the island. To paraphrase Churchill, we biked with growing confidence and growing strength on the beaches, we biked on the landing grounds, we biked in the fields and streets. We even biked to a restaurant. We never surrendered those bikes (until our time had expired, of course).

Note the two-way headset, which helped us communicate as we biked along.

The weather was ideal and bicycles were a close-up, active and fun way to see parts of beautiful HHI.

After an Uber ride ride back to our marina, we devoted the evening to boat chores and planning a few days of travel with friends Alvin and Dianne before we leave R&R and return to Michigan to prepare for and celebrate the wedding of our daughter Erika to her fiancé Matt!

3 thoughts on “E-Bikes: Where have you been all my life?

  1. Such fun!
    A bonus was getting to be w Alvin & Diane (I miss having them in town).

    Have a sweet time at the wedding!

    1. Thanks! I do enjoy reading about Churchhill, and reading his speeches. He certainly was not perfect, but he was the man for the season.

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