Georgetown/Shrimping/4,000 Miles!

Early this morning after the First Mate untied R&R, we used the thrusters to push off from our Charleston face dock and then spun around. Almost as soon as we headed downstream, a dolphin came over to greet us! Dolphins seem friendly or curious, but it’s also possible that they show up because our propellers stir up fish for them to eat. Rgardless, they always feel like a welcoming committee.

We said goodbye to Charleston and followed the shining path of the sun across the harbor, past Fort Sumter where the Civl War began in inApril of 1861, and into the ICW.

The Battery at Charleston, where we strolled on Sunday
Fort Sumter, under repair to add breakwaters.
Ben Sawyer Bridge over the ICW
More dolphin friends.

Along the way today, we passed Mark and Barbara on First Light. We had met them in March at Ortega Landing in Jacksonville as they were beginning their Great Loop adventure. First Light was traveling at trawler speed and we were going, er, faster. When we asked permission to do a “slow pass” they agreed and even texted us a picture of R&R maing the pass.

R&R in the “fast lane”
Homes overlooking vast islands of sea grass

For more than 100 years, Georgetown has been a major shrimping port. A stone’s throw from our cockpit were a fleet of shrimp trawlers with workers preparing the boats for the shrimping season that opens in May. I was sad to learn from this video that inexpensive imported shrimp have driven down prices to the point that it is hard for local shrimpers to earn a living.

Georgetown’s shrimp trawlers

News Flash: During today’s trip we marked a major milestone: 4,000 Great Loop miles traveled! Here is an updated trip summary from the Captain’s Log:

R&R Location: Georgetown, SC – Northbound

Departed: September 8, 2019, Holland, Michigan

Travel Days: 72

Miles: 4,036

Fuel: 5,150 gallons

Locks: 39

Waterways Traveled: Lake Michigan, Calumet River, Cal-Sag Channel, Illinois River, Mississippi River, Ohio River, Tennessee River, Tenn-Tom Waterway, Tombigbee River, Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Gulf of Mexico crossing from Florida Panhandle to Tarpon Springs, Anclote River (Tarpon Springs), Manatee River (Bradenton), Caloosahatchee River (Fort Myers), Marco River (Marco Island), Gulf of Mexico crossing to/from Florida Keys (4x), Indian Key Pass/Barron River (Everglades City), Gordon River (Naples), Caloosahatchee River (Fort Myers), Okeechobee Waterway, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

Adventures, Lessons, Smiles, Friends, Blessings: Still too many to count!

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  1. I love following your adventures with you. Thanks for sending the beautiful photos!

    1. Ken and Denise,

      Enjoy your time away! I hope it is relaxing and invigorating for both of you.

      Rick and Rhonda

  2. I love reading about your adventures and love the Lowcountry! (I only buy US shrimp) 🙂

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