Last 50 Miles of the ICW to Norfolk!

Today we traveled from rural Coinjock NC to urban Norfolk, VA, naval center of the USA. As we left Coinjock, an eagle led us, rising on thermals and floating free.

Soon we entered the Currituck Sound and followed the channel through the sound for at least 10 miles before entering the Albemarle-Chesapeake Canal leading to Norfolk. We encountered many bridges and locked through the Great Bridge Lock.

Entering the Currituck Sound
Double swing bridge
Double bascule bridge
Railroad bascule bridge and highway lift bridge
Railroad lift bridge with tow
Great Bridge Lock

Soon after we crossed the border from North Carolina to Virginia, we learned the meaning of “no wake zone” in Virginia. After passing a bridge under repair at idle, we were stopped and I was cited for violating a no wake zone. When I protested (gently) that I WAS at idle, the Marine Police officer told me I should have taken one of R&R’s engines out of gear to slow down even more. Rhonda tells me I have a heavy hand on the throttles – I’m sure that’s not true!

Virginia Marine Police

As we approached Norfolk, we entered an industrial area with barge and freighter traffic, and soon passed by the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval station. Robust floating gates and security gunboats made it clear we should keep our distance from the warships.

US Navy Property
Warship in drydock
Warship under repair
Aircraft Carrier repairs

We wound our way (slowly!) through the naval yard area into downtown Norfolk to the marina in Portsmouth – just across the river from Norfolk – where R&R will stay while we are in Michigan.

Happy to be at ICW Mile 0!

Downtown Norfolk is busy and vibrant, with a visible naval and boating presence. Tomorrow we plan to take a ferry (runs every 15 minutes) across the river to visit Norfolk’s Waterside area, the Nauticus maritime museum, and Battleship Wisconsin.

Norfolk skyline

R&R needs window tinting and scheduled engine room service, so we are arranging for that work to be done while we are away.

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  1. Hope wedding plans are going smoothly. Have a wonderful time with the kids!

    1. Thank you, Sue! I am eager to get back to Michigan and immerse myself in wedding planning! Thank you for keeping up on our blog. It means a lot to know that folks back home have an interest in this adventure we’re on.

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip so far.
    I pray you have a great trip back to Michigan for Erika’s wedding.

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