Slowing Down to Smell the Roses (or Tulips)

We are in Holland, Michigan for a few weeks to prepare for and celebrate our daughter Erika’s May 22, 2021 wedding to her fiancé Matt. Exciting times, with long to-do lists.

This morning as I walked back home after driving our car for service at nearby Central Park Automotive, I was struck by the brilliant colors of the blooming flowers and shrubs. I had to slow down enough to walking speed to notice nature.

Welcome to beautiful cool Spring in Michigan!

Downtown and streets are lined with tulips.
Downtown is decked out with tulips…
…and the wedding flowers are ready!

6 thoughts on “Slowing Down to Smell the Roses (or Tulips)

  1. Welcome back! Enjoy the beautiful days and exciting times ahead!

  2. Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend for the wedding. Hope only enough things go wrong that they become fun stories to enjoy in the years ahead. Hearty Congratulations to Erika and Matt!

  3. Oh, my, the flowers and trees are beautiful! Holland is such a beautiful city! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos! Congratulations to all of you.

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