A Good Day in Cape May

We decided to stay two nights at Utch’s Marina in Cape May, so instead of leaving the dock this morning we had the chance to sleep in and have an “off” day. We did some boat cleaning and organizing and planned our travels north from Cape May to New York City and beyond.

A man and his dog paddled by.

Our looper friends Jim and Marilyn arrived today. We met them on the Mississippi River early in our Great Loop adventure. We took the Cape May Free Ride electric car for a ride into town for dinner. (Because local advertisers cover all costs, the only cost is a tip for the driver.)

After a good dinner at Oyster Bay Restaurant we strolled to the Atlantic Ocean beach to put our toes in the sand, and then walked along the busy downtown Washington Street Mall.

Rhonda shopped for some provisions at the local ACME supermarket. Remember Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner? (FYI, Rhonda could not find Acme rockets or artificial rocks – “Have fun! Be popular! BE A ROCK!)

Cape May boasts many beautiful Victorian homes built in the late 1800s as summer homes for wealthy East Coast families. Many were later converted into apartments and B&Bs. Our driver told us that over the past year many of those B&Bs have been purchased for very high prices and restored as homes for wealthy families. Past is prologue.

It’s a peaceful evening in the marina as we prepare for tomorrow’s trip offshore in the Atlantic Ocean to Atlantic City.