Offshore to Atlantic City

This morning in Cape May was glorious! Shortly before dawn, after helping other Loopers untie to head north, we left Utch’s Marina around 0815, wound our way through the Cape May Canal, passed the Coast Guard station, and headed east out of the Cape May inlet into the Atlantic Ocean. We had not cruised in the Atlantic since Key West, Florida. Offshore boating the first time can be intimidating, but with good planning it is a pleasure.

Sunrise in Cape May
We left at about half-tide.
Exiting the channel into the Atlantic.
Wildwoods amusement parks are just north of Cape May.

Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina, north of New York City on the Hudson River, hosts an annual Pig Roast to celebrate the start of the Erie Canal season. Recently we spoke with many Loopers who are intent on getting to Donovan’s in time for that party.

Today we traveled with other Looper boats, including our friends Jim and Marilyn on Spinning Dreams. We convoyed offshore from Cape May to Atlantic City with Spinning Dreams and Blue Sky, and saw other Looper boats ahead of and behind us.

Spinning Dreams ahead of us on the Atlantic
AIS showing three Loopers in a row.
Atlantic City skyline
Approaching the AC inlet

After an easy 4.5 hours at 10 mph we arrived at the large and busy Farley State Marina, located – of course – behind a casino hotel.

This evening, we and Jim and Marilyn from Spinning Dreams checked out one of the marina restaurants.

We plan to cruise a long (90+ miles) day to Staten Island tomorrow to complete this Atlantic Ocean leg while the weather holds.