5,000 Great Loop Miles!

With our first day’s travel north from NYC, we have traveled 5,000 miles on the Great Loop since leaving Holland, MI in September 2019!

After John and Katy left for Michigan, we untied R&R from the dock at Liberty Landing, idled out the channel into the Hudson River, and turned left.

The first few miles were all city, with boat traffic, ferries, and high-rise buildings. As we passed under the George Washington Bridge and then the Tappanzee Bridge (now known as the Mario Cuomo Bridge), the scenery changed to high rise residential, then suburban, then rural countryside with cliffs (the Pallisades) rising from the river.

Our destination for the day was Half Moon Bay Marina in Croton-on-Hudson, only 40 miles north.

We arrived with Loopers The Concession, Adventure Awaits, and Orion, and walked with the group to dinner at a nearby restaurant. It felt good to enjoy time with new friends. We expect to see many Loopers further north on the Hudson and then west along the Erie Canal.

The Tavern at Croton-on-Hudson
The lobster roll was tasty!

4 thoughts on “5,000 Great Loop Miles!

  1. This is such a wonderful experience for you both, but how do you stay skinny with all that good food? Rick, I figured out how to get back so I can comment, as you can see.

    1. Hi Barbara and Tom! So happy to have you along with us on this adventure! We will start our journey through the Erie Canal later today! Stay tuned!

    1. Hi Steve! Sorry about the delayed reply. On June 13, 2021 we logged a total of 5,018 miles of travel. Other key travel and fuel numbers as of that date are:

      -90 travel days
      -645 total days
      -472 total travel hours
      -56 average miles per day
      -5.2 average travel hours per day

      -6442 gallons of diesel fuel
      -14 average gallons of fuel per hour
      -0.7 average miles per gallon of fuel

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