Hudson River Highlights

Early this morning we left Half Moon Bay, hoping to travel 95 miles north to Shady Harbor Marina to see our Great Loop mentors Rich and Maggie from Lafayette, who were there aboard Prime Meridian. The weather was cool and cloudy with a chance of rain. We traveled most of the way with the flybridge windows closed to stay warm.

Large ships ply the Hudson River all the way to Albany, and we encountered a number of them as we headed north.

A few miles north of Half Moon Bay we passed the United States Military Academy at West Point. It is a large and impressive campus built on mountains along the waterfront. Unfortunately, it is closed for tours due to the COVID pandemic, so we moved on.

West Point

The threatened rain arrived in torrents, but the windshield wiper, radar and AIS gave us a clear view of our surroundings.

The Hudson is very deep just north of West Point.

We passed historic lighthouses that have marked shallow areas in the center of the Hudson River for more than 100 years.

After a long travel day we arrived at Shady Harbor Marina. Friends and Looper mentors Rich and Maggie met us at the dock to take our lines, and we enjoyed an evening catching up with them.

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