In Cleveland, R&R means “Rock N Roll.”

Lake Erie was relatively flat the day after Rhonda returned to the boat, so we traveled a long 101 miles from Erie PA to Cleveland OH. By early afternoon we had tied up at the “Rock N Dock” marina that adjoins the lakeside Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, enjoyed an good upscale Mexican lunch at Nuevo, and visited the Hall of Fame. The building catches your eye, with a unique pyramid shape.

The Hall of Fame exhibits and movies are well done. We were reminded again of the roots of rock ‘n’ roll in Gospel, blues, and country music, and of the influence of major stars like Elvis and the Beatles. Exhibits include guitars, costumes, original hand-written song lyrics of hit songs, and an exhibit highlighting contributions of US cities to the development of rock ‘n’ roll. A 15 minute movie highlighted the music of many recent Hall of Fame inductees.

“Rock N Roll”

We saw and heard it all in a couple of hours, and then met some new Loopers down the dock from us before turning in at “Looper Midnight” (that is, 9PM). A good day!

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  1. I really enjoyed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when I had an opportunity to visit. At the time, they had a temporary exhibit featuring John Mellencamp so that made it even more enjoyable for a native Hoosier like myself.

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