Vermillion, Ohio – Sweet Surprise!

We had not planned to stop in Vermillion, Ohio. We hoped to travel to Kelly’s Island, but Lake Erie had a different plan. After leaving Cleveland and being bounced and rolled by 4 to 5 foot whitecaps for a few hours, we decided to escape into this small lakefront town.

Vermillion was a sweet surprise! The walkable downtown was decorated beautifully with flowers and sported small gift shops and restaurants.

In the late 1700s this area of Ohio was settled by Connecticut citizens whose towns had been burned by the British during the Revolutionary War, and became known as “The Firelands.”

Today Vermillion is a quaint small lakefront town centered on the Vermillion River that feeds Lake Erie. The town is beautifully maintained and welcoming.

Looper friends on the dock in Cleveland told us that they planned to stop in Vermillion to have dinner at the excellent waterfront French restaurant there. So we tried it and recommend it highly.

Chez Francois
As our son John says, “the camera eats first.”

Vermillion, Ohio: another unexpected pleasant stop on our Great Loop voyage!

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  1. Sometimes these unplanned trips turn into delightful surprises. Looks like that happened to you guys. Love the photos!

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