6,000 Miles to East Tawas

Today we and Radian Journey left Harbor Beach at 0700 on a 55 mile trip north across Saginaw Bay to East Tawas, Michigan. The bright orange morning sun was brilliant on the surface of Lake Huron.

Saginaw Bay has a reputation for high winds and dangerous waves, but today the winds were light and the water was near-flat. The Bay is quite deep – we saw a maximum of 112 feet of depth on R&R’s sounder. Again Lake Huron showed her striking blue colors.

Crossing Saginaw Bay

East Tawas is inside a hook-shaped cape that protects it from North and East winds. Its State Dock, like the one in Harbor Beach, has been rebuilt recently, is well protected and well appointed.

East Tawas State Dock

After we arrived and were safely tied up, we walked to the small East Tawas shopping area, only a 5 minute walk from the State Dock. We had a good late lunch at Mango’s, a downtown Mexican restaurant, and enjoyed the rest of the day in the marina. In early evening we met the local Harbor Host and a group of other Loopers on the dock for talk and refreshments.

Rhonda and Diane at Mango’s

Today’s trip put us over 6,000 miles on the Great Loop, all of it in planned and (almost always) comfortable day trips. My First Mate and I have learned a lot, worked as a team, seen many places in the USA, met good people, and are blessed to have come this far!

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  1. Awesome trip! And a nice village with “room” to walk around.

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