Harrisville Hospitality

Earlier this week we traveled to Harrisville Michigan, a small harbor town in Northeast Michigan. Again we found a beautifully designed and well built marina, good staff and amenities, and a hospitable town.

Harrisville Harbor Welcoming Committee
Loaner bicycles
The Harrisville Harbor also serves serves commercial fishermen.

We had to re-provision, but the marina courtesy van was in use. The nearby grocery store generously let Ray and me walk our groceries to the boats (if we promised to return the carts!).

After returning the shopping carts, the four of us walked to the one open downtown restaurant. We met Brent and Cameron from Sapphire C, a California couple who are looping at 30mph in their high-tech MJM boat. In the traditional exchange of boat cards, we gave them our boat card and they gave us … a kazoo!

Harrisville was #2 of 4 one-day stops up Lake Huron, so we turned in early for an 0700 departure for Presque Isle the next day.