Rolling to Cheboygan

Between the first and second photos below, we rocked and rolled in 2-4 foot waves for more than three hours. We were heading mainly north and the waves were mainly from the west, so our boat rolled from right to left with every large wave. We tried traveling closer to shore, and we tried tacking, but in the end we just got through it. It was good to get behind the protection of Bois Blanc Island just short of Cheboygan.

Leaving Presque Isle
Approaching the Cheboygan Channel
Coast Guard cutter in the Cheboygan River

We had decided to stay two days in Cheboygan to catch up on boat chores and plan our next travel days between here and our early-August stay on Mackinac Island. It was good not to set an 0600 alarm.

Both evenings in Cheboygan we and Radian Journey enjoyed early dinner at local restaurants, and the second evening we treated ourselves to ice cream from The Big Dipper (which some Loopers claim has the best ice cream on the Loop).

Cheboygan Brewing Company (“the beer that made Milwaukee jealous”)
Best on the Loop?
Sunset over water never gets old!