Straight Across the Straits

Our wind/waves apps Windy and Predictwind predicted winds increasing from 6mph to 19mph today, so we set a VERY early alarm to get across the Straits of Mackinaw before higher winds arrived.

First Mate Rhonda coiling lines as we left the Cheboygan River
This looks like a carnival ride, but I think it is a cable-laying barge.

Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw was moored on our starboard side as we left Cheboygan. My brother Steve told me that the Mackinaw probably will leave soon for the July 30 – August 8 Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival.

We and Radian Journey took a straight line northeast across the Straits to Drummond Island. We exchanged boat pics.

Today’s Nebo trip report

This part of Lake Huron is the deepest water we have seen so far, except for an underwater mountain (reef) in the center that rises very quickly from 300+ feet to 30 feet.

The wind and waves increased over our cruise across the Straits. We began to see whitecaps and take spray over the bow as we passed the De Tour Reef Light and turned into the protected water of the De Tour Passage.

The 1931 De Tour Reef Light

The last ten miles of our trip wound around small wooded islands, some with cottages accessible only by boat. We docked at DIYH just as gusty winds were picking up. Happy to be in this remote part of “Up North” Michigan!

Drummond Island Yacht Haven
All tied up!

5 thoughts on “Straight Across the Straits

  1. It feels like your trip is going quickly now that I recognize all the places. How exciting to have come so far and to be on the home stretch, even as you still enjoy some more time in the beautiful Up North!

  2. We are not too far from you. Our fam is vacationing on Walloon Lake/Petosky. We’ll keep an eye out for you as you go by. LOL
    We have stayed in a BnB on Drummond Is before. Beautiful area.

    Are you melancholy as your voyage draws to a close? What are some of your emotions?

    When should we expect to see your book of your voyage available?


  3. Will you be in Harbor Springs or Lake Charlevoix anytime soon? We could come visit you?
    Trudi & Carl

    1. Hi, Trudi! We plan to spend some time in anchorages and marinas around Drummond Island, the Les Cheneaux Islands, and Mackinac Island before heading south. We plan to be in Harbor Springs on August 9. Will you still be in the area then?

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