Harbor Island Anchorage

We and Radian Journey left Drummond Island Yacht Haven and traveled a short 2.4 miles to a quiet, serene anchorage at Harbor Island, a horseshoe-shaped island with a narrow inlet leading to a large anchorage that felt like a private lake.

This was only our fifth anchorage out of more than 100 stops along the Great Loop. The new Rocna anchor and Mantus bridle worked well and held us securely.

The entire island is a nature preserve, so there was no development, no houses, only a few boats that anchored there or spent the day there fishing or swimming. The water temperature was in the low 70’s so I took an afternoon dip to scrub R&R’s waterline.

We dropped the dinghy and zoomed around Harbor Island and the nearby islands.

After I got out our tiny fishing pole and added a worm/hook/sinker/bobber, Rhonda quickly caught an impressive largemouth bass. She is ready for more fishing!

We ended the day with a tasty steak dinner aboard Radian Journey and a beautiful sunset.

Horbor Island Sunset

More anchorages, here we come!