Arcadia Culinary Surprise

Brother Don and I had a tentative plan to travel from Leland to Frankfort, but none of that town’s marinas could accommodate us. Another boater in the Leland Harbor office told me that he found space in Arcadia, so we called and scored a slip there.

Leaving Leland
Lighthouse near North Manitou Island

Don recalled a teenage Pioneer summer camp week on South Manitou Island, so we decided to cruise past “South” on our way to Arcadia. The East side of the island has a hook-shaped bay where a number of boats were anchored just offshore, protected against the west wind.

A Nordic Tug anchored at “South”
Captain Don
Homes perched high on the Lake Michigan dunes

Wind and waves increased our last few miles along Lake Michigan shores to Arcadia, so we were happy to enter the smooth channel into Arcadia Lake and find our slip at the Arcadia Veterans Memorial Park, a small local park and marina.

Now for the culinary surprise! The Arcadia Dockmaster told us he had heard good things about Ketch 22, a new food truck along Michigan’s scenic highway M22.

It was a short walk from the marina, so Don and I went there for lunch. We were so impressed with the food, service and concept that we walked back for dinner that evening!

The food truck (trailer, actually) is owned and operated by a chef and server with many years of experience at high-end restaurants, and had been open only six weeks. When we arrived, customers’ cars lined M22 and there was a queue to order food. The food and service at both meals was excellent!

Our server told us that they had been thrilled – and overwhelmed – by the volume of their business in this small community. It was good to see this creative business idea executed well and received well by the community.

Don and I took advantage of high-speed marina Wi-Fi to watch a movie before turning in for the night.

The moon rising over Arcadia Lake

3 thoughts on “Arcadia Culinary Surprise

  1. Hey Rick and Rhonda! I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying following your travels on this blog. Nice moon rising shot at the end. I bet you guys have really been able to see some spectacular starry nights!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Neil! We have experienced big city, small town, and rural marinas, with a few off-the-grid anchorages thrown in. What a voyage!

  2. Geeze, sure wish we could join you on your adventures, but we can’t as we sold our big boat in the Florida Keys, moved to Missouri, (yes I know), and bought a small bass style boat. If you ever get close enough to me , maybe we can stow away and take a ride. Love your blog, and maybe one of these days we will give up the “dreamers” and become “Loopers”. Be safe. William, aka ,Bill, aka Capt. Scully.

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