Bouncing from Arcadia to Manistee

My sister Eve, her husband Pete, and their son Eli joined Don and me for a short day-trip from Arcadia to Manistee. Rhonda drove Eve and Pete’s car from port to port and ably assisted with take-off and landing.

Leaving the narrow channel to Lake Arcadia
The Captain, paying attention to the waves
Do they look seasick?

We passed the beautiful Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club and Inn on the Lake Michigan shore. Don recalled a round of golf there and I remembered staying at the Inn at off-season rates. Memorable experiences at a superb venue!

Weather apps predicted light winds and 1-2 foot waves on Lake Michigan. Wrong! The waves were at least 3-4 feet. We bounced over and through the waves and took spray as high as the flybridge. The Captain was relieved to enter the protected Manistee River channel.

Don’s wife Chris joined us for dinner at a Manistee restaurant before the Grand Rapids/Cascade group headed back home. It was good to share this day of cruising and catching up. We look forward to seeing more of our family after we “cross our wake” Friday evening in Holland.

3 thoughts on “Bouncing from Arcadia to Manistee

  1. In summer you can play a round of gold in Arcadia for the low low price of $250.00

  2. More beautiful photos and wonderful family gatherings. Do you use your camera to take these photos, Rick, or your cell phone? The landscapes and lake photos are really lovely. Will you be back in Holland for awhile?

    1. Hi, Barbara! Almost all of our photos are from my cell phone, but from time to time I use my canon digital camera because it has a longer lens.

      After we return to Holland, we are planning a few trips to Indiana and Cincinnati. We look forward to getting to know Holland, our new hometown.

      Hope you and Tom are well!

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