Dock Tales!

Dock Tales

ALGCA (America’s Great Loop Cruisers Association) is a well-run organization that provides excellent Great Loop training, support and resources. Whether one is dreaming about, planning for, currently cruising, or have completed the Great Loop, ALGCA is the place for information, inspiration, and camaraderie.

Among ALGCA’s many benefits are twice-a-year Rendezvous gatherings attended by hundreds of Loopers, including those considering a future Loop voyage, actively searching for a suitable boat, traveling along the Loop, or fondly recalling a past Loop. Many of the presenters are “Gold Loopers” who have crossed their wake (completed the Great Loop). We have attended two of these Rendezvous events and enjoyed the education and getting to know others who were in the same planning/execution phase. We still keep in touch with folks we met at these ALGCA Rendezvous events.

Recently Kim Russo, ALGCA’s Director, interviewed us about our Great Loop experience in a live-streamed “Dock Tales.” We enjoyed the opportunity to see and chat with Kim, and we hope our experiences helped others. Here is a link to the recorded interview: Dock Tales