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Our creative and generous Looper friends Greg and Susan Costa developed an excellent way to connect with and “give back” to communities as they travel America’s Great Loop. It is their goal to do something to make a positive difference at many stops along their (second) Great Loop journey. This might be volunteering, making a donation, or purchasing items a local non-profit needs. Check out their Facebook page at “Lucky Me Looping.”

Susan and Greg are in Holland, Michigan for reupholstery on their made-in-Holland Tiara yacht, Lucky Me. We have enjoyed hosting them at our home and meeting them for meals and sightseeing.

The Costas posted on the Holland Facebook page, looking for suggestions of local non-profit groups that needed assistance. Within 24 hours the post exploded with over 300 comments offering suggestions, recommendations and advice. They chose two local non-profits: Resilience “Ginny’s Place” Shelter, and Hope Pkgs.

Rhonda and I were honored to partner with Susan and Greg, match their generosity, and assist with shopping, packaging, and delivery. Together we purchased and delivered many items on the organizations’ Wish Lists.

Resilience, Holland, Michigan – The mission of Resilience is to respond to, reduce, and prevent domestic and sexual violence in Ottawa and Allegan counties. They offer various services including a 24/7 hot line. All services are confidential and free of charge. “Ginny’s Place” is a safe and staffed residential shelter for adults and children fleeing domestic violence and sexual abuse. Resiliencemi.org

Hope Pkgs, Holland, Michigan – Provides first night bags for kids entering foster care. Hope Pkgs exists because children entering the foster care system often cannot pack anything, sometimes because they are picked up at school, or for sanitary reasons, or just for lack of personal items. Kids get a new backpack filled with new items such as underwear, socks, pajamas, toothbrush, sometimes even an entire outfit. This bag is something the children can keep filled with new items rather than hand-me-downs. www.hopepkgs.org

What a meaningful way to connect with these Looper friends and our new community!

Loopers Care.

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  1. Dear Rick and Rhonda what a wonderful goal you are putting in place for loopers. To give back to the communities that supported you. Well done! Glad you are home again!

  2. Great idea! This may start a spark in other ‘communities’ as well (i.e. – hikers). 😉

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