Ode to a Sold Boat

Well, we recently experienced one of the two best days in a boat owner’s life: R&R has a new owner.

We bought R&R in early 2019 to travel America’s Great Loop, a 6,000+ mile circumnavigation of the eastern half of the USA.

Yacht Basin Marina, Holland, MI
One of 77 locks R&R (the people and the boat) navigated
St. Louis, MO
Emerging from Mississippi River fog
Hamilton Harbor, Naples FL
Marlin Bay, Marathon, FL
Windmill Harbor, Hilton Head Island, SC
New York Harbor
Canalside Marina, Buffalo, NY
Lake Michigan, offshore of Duck Lake – almost home
Eldean Shipyard, Holland, MI – “Crossing our Wake” on August 20, 2021

R&R’s generous size, three cabins, two heads and long-distance cruising features are well-suited for voyages like our 2019-2021 Great Loop adventure, but not needed for day boating and occasional Great Lakes voyages.

R&R’s new owners plan to take her to Florida when the weather warms up next year. We wish them many happy days and hours aboard!

Thanks for the memories, R&R!

9 thoughts on “Ode to a Sold Boat

  1. Congrats and condolences on the sale of R&R. We wish you luck in finding a smaller boat that will allow you to continue boating on Lake Michigan!
    Rich and Maggie

  2. Thanks for the memories indeed! It was so much fun following along with your adventures on the loop!! All the best to you two. Merry Christmas!!

  3. It was so much fun to be a small part of your adventure. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity! Have a blessed Christmas.

  4. Congratulations on selling your boat. Are you going to get another one? Looking forward to seeing you if you come to Florida

    Tom and Barbara

  5. Congratulations on selling your boat. Are you getting another one? Looking forward to seeing you in Florida if you come down again. Happy New Year to you both and your family.
    Tom and Barbara

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