…New Boat, New Loop

Last December we sold R&R, our Carver 460 Voyager. She was in winter storage, so the sea trial was deferred until this Spring. We were happy/sad to complete the sale and did not seriously consider replacing R&R until this summer, when we surprised ourselves by starting to search for a smaller boat. And sometimes when you search, you find!

We recently loaded and provisioned our new-to-us 2017 Carver C37 in Port Clinton, Ohio and began a small loop around the State of Michigan to bring her home to Holland. Today was our first boating day, 78 miles from Port Clinton, Ohio to Lake St. Clair, Michigan.

It has been almost two years since we completed our voyage on America’s Great Loop, so we needed to rebuild our muscle memory of the many tasks as Captain and First Mate, and learn the new boat.

The trip across Lake Erie, up the Detroit River, past the partially-built Gordie Howe International Bridge and the Renaissance Center, and into Lake St. Clair was smooth and fun, and the boat handled very well.

New Adventures!

5 thoughts on “…New Boat, New Loop

  1. So glad to hear that you are continuing on a new journey with a new boat, Rick and Rhonda. Tom and I love reading your posts and feeling a part of your adventures. Bon voyage!

  2. Congratulations on the new boat! Looking forward to reading about the new adventures!

  3. What a coincidence! We too finished our loop on our 450 Voyager last fall, and (fingers crossed) have it sold… now to look for a smaller boat to continue boating in the Great Lakes. Less air draft and about 10 feet shorter…

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