The Mighty Mack, and Petoskey

Just yesterday morning we loosened our lines, coiled the cords, fired up the diesels, headed downstream on the Cheboygan River and, after passing the last set of channel markers, turned to port toward the Straits of Mackinac.

We were only 15 miles from the bridge. We could see it soon and it quickly grew to fill our view. What an amazing feat of engineering and a beautiful sight!

Rhonda took the helm a couple of times so I could poke my head out the sunroof to take photos.

The Straits of Mackinac has a reputation for high winds and turbulent waters at this narrow meeting point of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, but we were blessed with no wind and calm seas for our trip through the Straits.

My Navionics route from Cheboygan to Petoskey passed through the “Big Cut” just west of Waugoshance Point, but I recalled (in Cheboygan during our Great Loop voyage) that a yacht limped in with heavy propeller and strut damage after her captain tried to navigate through that small-boat channel. Discretion being the better part of valor, I decided to follow the Gray’s Reef Passage used by massive Great Lakes freighters. No problems.

We arrived safely at the Petoskey Public Marina after a smooth 68 mile trip.

Friends Craig and Niki (who we met in an Illinois River lock early in our Great Loop) met us at the marina to see the new R&R, and we then enjoyed snacks and refreshments with them aboard their beautiful Newmar RV “Licia” before driving their towed vehicle “Rospo” (Italian for “toad”) to a local restaurant for dinner.

Rick, with Craig, Niki, Roswell the Cat, and Licia the RV

High winds and whitecaps today kept R&R in her Petoskey slip for another night, with extra dock lines and fenders for safety.

I took the day to move ahead on some work projects, and we enjoyed dinner with the Kozaks at The Argonne House in rural Charlevoix.

Sunset on the Little Traverse Bay

Heading south tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “The Mighty Mack, and Petoskey

  1. Love your photos, Rick! The bridge is awesome! Petoskey is so pretty!

  2. Barbara, it’s so nice to read your comments! Rhonda and I are enjoying this boat-delivery voyage for the new R&R, and it is fun to have you along for the ride.

  3. It was so great to see you guys and meet “R&R (III?). She’s a beaut!

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