Nancy Wins!

Our sister-in-law Nancy was at the Grand Haven, Michigan beach at 1:55 PM today, talking on the phone with their daughter Annie. Nancy commented “there go Rick and Rhonda” when she saw a blue-hull cruiser about a half-mile offshore, just south of the GH channel, heading south on plane, moving fast. Annie doubted that conclusion, but…the time, the boat description, the location, the heading, and the speed leave no doubt in this writer’s mind that it was indeed R&R on her last leg of the trip, moving fast!

Nancy wins!

4 thoughts on “Nancy Wins!

  1. We were away when you passed but did you toot when you passed the Admiral Tromp Valley Beach?

    1. Hi Don! It was raining so I doubt anyone was around, but I did give a blast of the horn on our way past the beach at Dunewood/Tromp Valley.

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