Sprint Back Home

After checking wind/wave forecasts for today and tomorrow, it was clear that we would be weathered in wherever we arrived today.

Winds tomorrow at 6AM, per Windy

Today offered clouds and some rain, but light east winds that smooth out the waves for the first half-mile offshore.

So we left Leland at 6:45 with a goal of getting as far as we could while the weather allowed. We stayed near shore and got close-up views of the sights along the way.

Leaving Leland
Sleeping Bear Dunes
Point Betsie Light
White Lake
Grand Haven

About 180 miles and eight hours later, we approached the Holland Channel just as the low-fuel warning lit up and heavy rain arrived. We refueled, pumped out, got R&R in her slip at Eldean Shipyard, and were soaked.

This weather arrived in Holland with us.

Voyage summary from captain’s log:

– 7 travel days

– 9 total days

– 660 miles

– 20 knots (23 mph) typical speed

Happy to be home!

8 thoughts on “Sprint Back Home

  1. Welcome home R&R!! Were you sb 1/2 mile out on plane, just passing GH lighthouse at about 1:55 this afternoon??

  2. Sounds like you relished every knot! Thank Goodness you’re home safe & sound – never a dull moment with R&R.
    Brian & Carmen

  3. You saw some great scenery of lighthouses along the way! What a fun trip, but rather challenging. Where to next?

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