Dinghy Cradles

As part of our pre-Loop outfitting of R&R in Holland, Yacht Basin installed four aluminum Weaver chocks, one for each corner of Dinghy #2.

Weaver chocks
Installation of the Weaver chocks at Yacht Basin

The Weaver chocks worked, but it was tedious to get Dinghy #2 exactly in place on the chocks.

Note the ladies, and also Dinghy #2 up on the Weaver chocks

When we replaced Dinghy #2 with Dinghy #3 (click this link for Project Dinghies), Dinghy #3 was longer and wider but we kept the Weaver chocks. Getting Dinghy #3 in the best positon on the Weaver chocks became a much more tedious and time consuming chore, with Captain shoving Dinghy #3 around and First Mate raising or lowering the electronic davit controls until Dinghy #3 was in the exactly correct position.

When we were in Marco Island in January 2021, we finally replaced the Weaver chocks with YBM cradles designed to fit the hull of Dinghy #3. Captain Drew Lethert removed the Weaver chocks, expertly repaired the screw holes, and carefully installed the new YBM cradles.

Bow cradle
Stern cradle
Dinghy #3 resting comfortably on the new cradles

Lifting Dinghy #3 onto the new YBM cradles is now a breeze! We wish we had completed Project Dinghy Cradles sooner!