Entertainment Center

When we purchased R&R, the salon (main living area) was equipped with a flat screen TV and an older stereo receiver.

After living aboard for a few months, we decided to update that technology to be more like home. We replaced the receiver with a newer Yahama receiver with multiple HDMI ports, added an Apple TV streaming device, and added a DVD player.

We have had a Netflix subscription for years, and now have access onboard via the Apple TV.

The year before we left on our Great Loop voyage we had replaced our home cable TV service with YouTube TV, a service that streams TV over internet.

Fortunately, YouTubeTV is portable, so we are able to view the same TV channels on the boat as at home. Unfortunately, our YouTubeTV “home area” is Holland, Michigan, so our local broadcast TV channels are Western Michigan channels. Not a big negative, and if we want to change our home area to match where we are for longer periods, we can do that.

So…if we have dependable internet service via marina WiFi or our backup cellular internet source, we now have access to streaming TV via the Netflix or YouTubeTV apps on our Apple TV.

We also use the Apple TV to participate in online worship at Pillar Church in Holland.

We have learned that some marinas have weak or inconsistent WiFi service, and the cellular backup does not always work well (“unlimited” cellular data plans often greatly reduce speed after some amount of usage). In those situations the DVD player allows us to watch a TV series or a movie on DVD.

These updated entertainment center components have increased R&R’s comfort level for those “at home” evenings onboard.